category-group: io
layer(s): 0, 2

header file(s): z_tty.h

The io group has something old and something new. The old consists of the singleton class tty_o. It was designed to provide for a simple interface to setting "input modes" on terminals connected to unix boxes. The tty_o class is a self-contained, low-level object that maintains the current mode about the type of input used in a terminal, and the previous state (if there is one). It is essentially a wrapper around gtty() and stty() OS calls. The terminal control comes from unix's model. Terminal input has 3 modes: normal; raw; and "cbreak". It can momentarily put the current tty into the desired mode (raw, cbreak, etc.) for a specific operation - good for getting passwords.

The components of tty_o have not been used in many years and need thorough inspection and testing before certifying that they work. Until further notice (use at your own risk).

The other part consists of subroutines that primarily get input from the console. There are functions to return a line of input, a number, or whether the user typed in a "yes" or "no" response.

classes in this group: ioblockstream_o, tty_o

function groups: layer 00 functions group
                              layer 02 functions group