category-group: people
layer(s): 7, 10, 11

header file(s): z_business.h, z_person.h, z_event.h, z_phone.h, z_xdata.h z_biz_txtstream.h

One of the major directions in the z directory is a set of objects that model items relevant in the business world. Components have developed in the direction of Sales Force Automation. Perhaps this code should be referred to as "business objects". The more general domain of "people" was chosen.

classes in this group: business_o, worker_o, person_o, event_o, phone_number_o, xdata_o,
                                      business_textstream_o, xlatelang_o, mymem_xlate_o

support/internal classes: biz_fmterr_o, business_textstream_o