category-group: networks
layer(s): 9, 10

header file(s): z_proxy.h, z_webpage_spider.h, z_http.h

most of the components relating to the traditional subject matter of networks falls under the Z Directory group transport. That group deals specifically with the action of moving bytes. However, as one progresses to higher layers into networking things emerge that don't relate to moving blocks of data, but still are in the domain of networks.

This group is [currently] small, and contains the proxy object (proxy_o), for managing information about proxy servers, and webpage spider class (webpage_spider_o), a tool for spidering web sites (currently this object is experimental and underdeveloped).

classes in this group: proxy_o, webpage_spider_o, http_o

function groups:
                              layer 10 functions group

A closely related group is www , which contains network objects relating to the world wide web. Of particular note is the http object , which can get a web server's data.