category-group: etc
layer(s): 0, 1, 3

header file(s): z_func.h, z_state.h, z_version.h

This group as the name suggests is an agglomoration of miscellaneous components. These components are either too small to get their own group, or have been misclassified, defy categorization, or even junk requiring a good spring cleaning. The current set includes:
functions in layer 0 and 1 for doing rotation of bits in a byte; determining the size of simple types like ints and longs; and getting the Z Directory version info.
a [simple] object for managing a program's state using a transition table;
"rundriver_3" class, a runaway variation of the rundriver class - this is most likely junk scheduled for cleanup and deletion.

classes in this group: state_o, smartpointer_o, autopointer_o, scopedpointer_o

function groups: layer 00 functions group
                              layer 01 functions group